Trioviz strengthens the player’s immersion by enabling the 3D dimension already present in a game.

Trioviz solution allow game developers to display their titles in 3D on all screens, from 3DTVs to legacy HDTVs (non native 3DTV).

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Trioviz is a super fast post-process which creates stereoscopic 3D for any game on any screens. Manage 3DTV output and all associated 3D formats.

Trioviz is very GPU efficient and has no impact on framerate, resolution, assets or game production.

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Trioviz is the only cross-platforms 3D solution for Sony PlayStation®3, Microsoft Xbox™360 and PC systems.

Its one integration for any cross-platform game development allowing 3D display on 100% of the screens installed base: 3D screens and regular HD screens or monitors.

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Trioviz to run your title in 3D while keeping your title 720p or 1080p resolution and framerate intact.

No need to render the scene twice delivering incomparable performances.

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No need to rework the entire rendering pipeline no headaches with dual camera optimization.

2 weeks: easy & quick integration with TriOviz support.Trioviz works with the Unreal Engine, Autodesk Scaleform and RAD Bink.

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A Bridge between 3DTV and HDTVs for consumers.

Demonstrate high-end experience on 3DTV and with INFICOLOR 3D give out-of the box 3D immediate quality experience on the HDTV’s to your customers already own.